Techincal Project Manager

Techincal Project Manager.

Techincal Project Manager



kr70000 - kr950000 per annum





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Do you want to create the best digital products and services? We are looking for a technical project manager who likes to get involved.

Do you think it's strange that digital stuff is still being made that doesn't measure at all and maybe doesn't increase or improve anything? Do you have experience in getting teams to trust each other and create an effect, not just produce?

Maybe it's what we're looking for. With us, as a senior project manager, you get the responsibility and mandate to make customer projects and customer teams.

We are one of the industry's veterans, with 20+ years of experience in designing good and uncompromisingly user-friendly digital solutions. We deliver digital services, products, and projects that add value and create impact for the businesses we work with.

We are proud professionals who are convinced that everything we do at work can and should make everyday life a little better for people. Now we want to be challenged and become even better, and here you can play an important role. We have a meaningful and fun job for you.

We think you recognize yourself in this:

  • This is a senior role. The role of a project manager is central to the success of our assignments, so you must have been out on a winter night before.
  • You must be able to go straight into assignments in customer teams, so experience as a consultant or freelancer will be an advantage.
  • You must have experience in leading interdisciplinary product teams with technologists and designers. With us, you also get content designers on the team.
  • We need you to have experience in estimating time and money, stick to the estimates, and know what to do when you see that the estimates do not hold up after all.
  • You must understand the customer's business so that you help the team prioritize the things that provide the most value.
  • We only make digital things, so you must have a good technical understanding. You will not code, but you must be able to see opportunities and risks in the choices made before and during the assignment.

This is the job:

  • You lead interdisciplinary teams in our customer assignments.
  • You work closely with the team in the research, design, and development of services.
  • You set the direction for the team and have an overview of priorities, status, and goal achievement.
  • You manage and prioritize the backlog and are the link between the team and the customer.
  • You are a strategic advisor for the customer and help them deal with important stakeholders during the assignment.
  • You are responsible for budget, progress, and scope.

Work and life

At work, you have a key role in interdisciplinary teams on assignments for our customers. We have both large and small, in all sectors and many industries. We prefer to work together with them and not for them, so you will talk a lot with customers.

10 skilled and generous professionals who work as advisers in product development, process management, strategy, service design, and project management.

It is important to us that you get to do what you have to do during the 40 working hours a week, and that you feel good while doing it. You must be the boss of your own working day.

We also have many social events where people who work with us mostly take the initiative and organize themselves. We have employees who are involved in many things, and about the same number who spend their free time.

Great benefits

  • Six weeks holiday
  • Subject budget both on an individual level and for the whole group together.
  • Private health insurance
  • Our corporate sports team, which does both sports and "sports".
  • Updates and inspiration! We have weekly professional events.

Darwin Recruitment is acting as an Employment Agency in relation to this vacancy.

Bradley Wilkins

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