Backend Developer – Node.js 2

Backend Developer – Node.js 2.

Backend Developer – Node.js 2



kr45000 - kr60000 per month





Darwin Recruitment are currently hiring for a Node.js Developer on behalf of a company in Stockholm that was founded in 2016 with the goal to radically improve how we manage and care for the buildings that we spend a major part of our lives in. Through experiences in architecture, real estate and modern web-technology, they realized that there is a great need to solve issues connected to managing all the information around buildings. They are now building a platform that provides a solution, in the form of searchable and collaborative indoor information maps, using industry file formats.

Their mission is to realize a future where we have access to information about indoor spaces as easily as we have access to street maps today. They make it natural to find information about things and places inside a building just by searching for it on a map, in the same way we search for things in the city streets every day. Regardless if you are working in an office, or have a more hands-on role maintaining buildings, they will enable you to find the information and location you are looking for, whether it is real-time data about temperature and noise, the location of a meeting room, or the ventilation maintenance history. When information about their indoor spaces becomes available to everyone who needs it, tedious work can be reduced and better decisions can be made. By making this possible, they aim to not only make building maintenance more sustainable, but the experience of spending time in them more enjoyable.

· Has worked with backend development for at least 3 years

· Has in-depth experience working with SQL databases; administering, building data models, tweaking queries

· Has meaningful experience with setting up infrastructure and systems, e.g. configuring cloud environments, deployment pipelines, monitoring, kubernetes, certificates, networking, "devops", etc

· Has worked with javascript or GraphQL to some meaningful extent.

· Has worked in a smaller product company or startup and understand the required mindset and expectations.

· Interest in and knowledge of IT-security

· Has a good understanding and interest in general computer science concepts and contemporary technology topics, likely has at least a bachelor degree.

· A strong passion for using technology as a tool for solving real user problems, and finding value and motivation in the same.

· General important positive traits; sense of responsibility, communication skills, dependability, empathy

· Someone that is looking to join a small product company and is motivated by solving real problems and attracted by the concept of co-ownership as part of the compensation package.

Darwin Recruitment is acting as an Employment Agency in relation to this vacancy.

James Godfrey


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